Introducing Who We Are & Our Mission on the Growth Exponential Podcast

Recently, the Founder and Executive Director of ParentsUSATM, David DeLugas, was a guest on the Growth Exponential Podcast. It isn’t remarkable that he was interviewed as reporters and pundits seek out the views of ParentsUSATM. What is worthy of your listening to this podcast is the discussion that covers the missions of ParentsUSATM, its goals and the reasons behind its founding.

While there are organizations for almost any other group in this country including a few that have narrow missions or who have specific agendas, there is no entity other than ParentsUSATM that is inclusive of all parents and which does not seek to achieve a specific agenda. Our society currently causes parents to parent with trepidation because too often laws, regulations and policies intrude and interfere in the parent-child dynamic and infringe on parents’ rights. There are over 160 million  parents in the USA and by bringing their voices together within ParentsUSATM, parents in the USA can flex their collective power and have their voice heard by state and federal legislators,  Governors, state agency directors, and even the President in every term. Also, parents acting in concert and as a collective have economic market influence and are able to address issues and needs common to parents and their children and to help other less fortunate parents and their children.

ParentsUSATM was founded because judges were exercising their power in violation of the US Constitution and the rights of parents under the misguided belief that they knew better than parents. Although, in some cases, that might be true, there is a huge difference in “less than ideal parenting” and parenting that is harmful to children where intervention is Constitutionally permitted. In addition, parents were too often being accosted and investigated by the police and child protective services when their children were actually not hurt and not at risk of being harmed. When government intervenes in situations in which a child is clearly not in any danger, vital and finite resources are wasted on investigations of these children’s parents, while a child who has been hurt or is in danger is unfortunately overlooked. ParentsUSATM does not take the position that government should stay out of the parent-child relationship. Rather, government should intervene prudently to use these finite resources accordingly to help children who are in danger.

During the podcast, Mr. DeLugas discussed the three primary missions of ParentsUSATM. First, for parents to form a strong collective through ParentsUSATM with the numbers and influence to make legislative and policy changes in support of parents and their children consistent with the US Constitution and decisions of the US Supreme Court. Second, for parents to help other parents and their children by funding for pediatric cancer research, for direct financial assistance to parents of sick children, Kids Rides for Healthcare, and School Meals on ParentsUSATM. Third, for parents to flex their economic power through ParentsUSATM to get financial discounts and benefits.

Are you a parent? To get involved, join and become a parent-member, adding your voice to strengthen our voice. If you can, make a tax-deductible donation to this 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Check out the full podcast here >

It is a fantastic resource for you to get to know ParentsUSATM.

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