Doctor Erroneous Diagnosis Results in Texas Parents Losing Custody of their Child

A misdiagnosis of a child can be devastating enough to the health of the child and the impact on the entire family. But when a serious medical case is mishandled by the state, the consequences are traumatizing and even destructive. In May 2015, a family in Elgin, Texas had just welcomed their baby boy. Unfortunately, when their infant’s head mysteriously continued to grow and swell, doctors were unable correctly to diagnose the child and eventually accused the couple of child abuse. Doctors claimed his swelling was due to repeated shaking which led to the parents losing custody of both of their kids. Sadly, their problems did not end there. They were forced to sell their home to pay for an attorney to take their case, and the father lost his job. Then came felony criminal charges.

A misdiagnosis and erroneous accusation of child abuse led to the family being “abused” by the state. When the medical system and the state fail families, both the parents and children become victims. Such errors and abuses by doctors and the government contribute to the environment in which children are misdiagnosed and parents’ rights are violated.

Find out how the Elgin family case turned out, by reading the article here:

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