Some States Grant Children the Right to Get and Doctors the Authority to Provide Certain Healthcare Without Parent’s Consent

A young man who had just turned 18, went to the Virginia office of Drs. Sterling and Karen Ransone, asking for the meningitis and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations. His parents, who felt that these and other vaccines were not “medically necessary”, had prohibited him from receiving vaccinations before – so these were to be the first ones he had received. After the largest outbreak of measles since 1992, schools wanted to boost immunization rates, leading some states to grant teens vaccination rights. This meant that the decision would be taken out of the parents’ hands, giving teens the ability to decide for themselves. Although there can be a debate about the medical necessity of each specific vaccination and there can be a debate about whether each vaccination is necessary to prevent harm or risk of harm to a child, whether government can or should compel parents to have their children vaccinated is a very different issue than whether government can or should allow children to “ask for” and for doctors to give certain vaccinations or to provide any healthcare without the consent of a child’s parent.

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Are you in against government deciding whether your child can get and doctors can provide certain healthcare without your knowledge or consent? If so, then become a member of ParentsUSATM so that we can keep healthcare decisions and authority in your hands and not be taken from you.


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