Fill out the form below to give us a little more information about your situation. Please use “bullet points” or numbered paragraphs. Be specific. Tell us if there is a pending court case. Email to help@parentsusa.org and attach documents in PDF (preferred) files or another format for us to read. Please include documents (via email) and/or information about what is being alleged or claimed, even if you dispute those allegations and claims. It is important that you include information on scheduled hearings or deadlines to file, if any, and understand that our resources are limited and we may or may not reply as we tend to other requests. We recognize that parents battling for their children can find it difficult to be concise. Do try to state facts and not use descriptive words that are your conclusions (and not data/facts).

Please do not call us. We do not engage in phone conversations (other than to ask that you email us) until after we have reviewed the information and documents you provide by email. If we talk on the phone, we are using resources that should be put toward reviewing email requests for help and toward helping parents and their children.

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