Police Dispatched to Park Because a 2yr Old Was Being Fussy: Is There Something Wrong with This?

There’s no other way of putting it. There is a hysteria around kids’ safety these days, and it unfortunately leads to cases like this. We want YOUR feedback on this story reported by Free Range Kids in which police unnecessarily entered the scene after a toddler threw a tantrum in a park. Sure, our society is supposed to act in ways “for the children,” but does this mean that every situation in which a child is upset, cries or throws a fit, warrants police intervention? Of course, kids’ safety is of the highest priority, but this doesn’t mean that parents or guardians of kids being fussy or throwing a tantrum should be harassed by the state or that limited police resources being used in this manner when those officers could have been, should have been, working to prevent crimes and to protect others who are in danger.There has to be a better way…

Do you think the police were right to intervene for as long as they did or was this response excessive? Please leave your thoughts here. Also, please indicate whether you think there should be a triage/protocol for law enforcement to follow that acts to ensure kids’ safety, while protecting parents’ rights and suggest how this might operate.


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