Perception vs Reality: A Look at Moral Perceptions and Attitudes that Affect Parenting Decisions AND Unwarranted Parenting Criticism

Consider this situation. You find a child unattended in a car and either merely wonder whether the child is safe or become alarmed about the child’s safety. Now, consider how different perceptions of the same situation will affect how one might handle the situation. For instance, how might you feel if you learned that the child was alone because his or her parent, who had been driving the car, was in a car accident and was  knocked unconscious? What if the child was left unattended because the parent went to  work or left to hang out with friends or a lover?

Whether based on speculation or accurate or inaccurate information, our perception has a huge impact on how the situation is viewed. Regardless of what our perception is, the reality of the situation is not affected (real and imminent danger, no immediate danger). The “why” doesn’t matter as much as the situation where the child is left  unattended.

We live in a world where parents who leave their children unsupervised even for a short period of time are subject to moral outrage and even felony charges regardless of the length of time or the reasons. The article, link below, recognizes and explains that the  change in the risk of a child’s safety is not what has created this hysteric environment ꟷ it’s changing perceptions and moral attitudes (and not necessarily in ways that benefit children or society). Several researchers and authors decided to test this theory of changing perceptions and conducted various social experiments to study how people’s perceptions of situations changed depending on the circumstances presented.

This worthwhile and thought-provoking article explores these changing perceptions and moral attitudes towards parenting. It’s a must-read for parents to become more informed and to learn how to navigate this current and difficult environment.

To learn more read the article here:

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