Parental Rights Are Threatened Again in Custody Case

Too many times, the government oversteps its authority, infringing upon the rights of parents and their children and, thereby, interfering with the parent-child relationship.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed an amicus brief in the Texas Supreme Court in support of parental rights, fighting against the government’s excessive intervention in the relationships between parents and children. In the case, a custody battle emerged between a child’s father and the mother’s live-in boyfriend after the mother died. According to the trial proceedings, the father was made sole managing conservator for his daughter, but the mother’s boyfriend was also granted possessory rights along with extensive visitation rights.

This case illustrates that government too often abuses its authority and, in doing so, oversteps and intrudes on the precious relationship between a parent and his or her child. In this case, the State of Texas directly interfered with the relationship between this child and his father, who the trial court found to be fit to have full control over decisions for the child. When the trial court granted custody rights to the mother’s live-in boyfriend based on some finding that the child would benefit, the court violated the Constitutionally protected rights of the parent. This case also demonstrates how easily and how excessively government can abuse its authority. ParentsUSATM is working to preserve the parent-child relationship by protecting the Constitutional rights of parents.  The relationship between a parent and child is priceless and, without a compelling reason to do so, government must, per the US Constitution, not interfere with the relationship. Editor Note: As of this writing, ParentsUSATM currently is determining whether procedurally time remains to submit an amicus brief to the Texas Supreme Court in support of the rights of this parent (the outcome of this case affecting all Texas parents and their children and, by the outcome, also influences courts across the USA on these issues).

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