Membership Benefits

Exclusive Benefits

  • Exclusive Discounts

    As a member, you will receive access to exclusive discounts and deals, such as 30% off Little Spoon® orders, offers from Budget Rental Car

  • Services

    Depending on your situation, we can provide legal guidance and services to our members. Please contact us to inquire about these services.

  • Advocate Partners

    With the help of our advocate partners, we can provide direct financial assistance to children and their parents.

  • Community

    Enjoy access to our members-only forum, a platform in which you can discuss issues, create inquiries and receive support from our dedicated, caring and compassionate community.

Goals, Initiatives & Services

As a collective voice of parents in the USA, we serve as a community on behalf of the rights of parents and their children. Our goals and initiatives include advocating for the rights of parents and their children through strategic litigation, and supporting child abuse prevention. We strive to shape public policy through education and lobbying. We also provide support to parents and their children battling and coping with serious medical issues through direct financial assistance and grants to other charities.

Your parent-membership dues will allow us to pay those overdue bills at K-12 schools for breakfasts and lunches for underprivileged students ($29 = one month for 2 students) or to provide an underprivileged child, accompanied by a parent, NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) through Uber Health or Lyft as dispatched by children's hospitals.


Proud Sponsor Of:

Community Opportunities

Advocating for the rights of parents and children continues beyond the scope of our organization. Learn about and discover opportunities within your own community to continue exercising your voice to support the rights of parents and their children.

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