Another Wrongful ‘Medical Child Abuse’ Accusation Leads to A Mother’s Loss of Custody Of Her Daughter

Picture this: A sick child. A worried, attentive mom unwilling to leave her child’s side, desperately seeking care for her child’s condition. Sound like a case of medical child abuse to you?

Two years ago, a distressed mother in Houston rushed her ill daughter to the hospital after a massive hurricane hit Texas. She was worried she would lose power in her house or run out of oxygen for her daughter who was born with a severe respiratory condition. Upon her arrival at the hospital, instead of receiving treatment for her child, she received an accusation of medical child abuse, which led to her losing custody of her daughter. Doctors claimed the mother was exaggerating her child’s symptoms.

Mishandling of medical cases and accusations of medical child abuse have gained tremendous attention in recent news. Cases such as this one involving a Houston mom have led to a series of broader investigations. The problem is that a concerned parent of a sick child vs. a parent who is exaggerating her child’s medical issues can, in fact, look very similar on the surface.

But when a parent is wrongfully accused of medical child abuse, the parent falls victim to a state in breach of parents’ rights– at a time when the parent and child need proper care and treatment the most.

Find out what happened to the Houston mom and her daughter in the link to the article here and explore further investigation into this serious and endlessly controversial issue:

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