• Help Provide Free Legal Services

    Support us in helping to provide free legal services in select cases.

  • Advocate for the Rights of Parents & Their Children

    Fight for the rights of parents and their children through strategic litigation.

  • Preserve & Support the Parent-Child Relationship

    Give us the power to protect the rights of parents to decide for their own children.

  • Help with Community Programs

    Your parent-membership dues will allow us to pay those overdue bills at K-12 schools for breakfasts and lunches for underprivileged students ($29 = one month for 2 students) or to provide an underprivileged child, accompanied by a parent, NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) through Uber Health or Lyft as dispatched by children's hospitals.

  • Help Shape Public Policy

    Help shape public policy that advocates for the rights of parents and their children through education and lobbying.

  • Support Parents & Their Children Coping With Serious Medical Issues

    Help support parents and their children battling with serious medical issues through direct financial assistance and grants to other charities.

  • For Our Members

    With greater numbers comes greater economic clout to secure discounts and benefits for our members. Discounts and benefits for our members are being pursued.

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