How to Request Our Help with Parent’s Rights or Parent’s Needs.

Here at ParentsUSATM, we work to protect the rights of parents in the effort to preserve the parent-child relationship. We give serious consideration to the infringement of your rights as a parent and welcome your request for our help in protecting your parental rights.

The ONLY way to request our help is to send your email to and attach documents in PDF (preferred, try the free app for Apple and Android, Adobe Scan) or another format for us to read. Include information about your situation in your email. Please use “bullet points” or numbered paragraphs. Be specific. Tell us if there is a pending court case, if you have an attorney, and if there is a scheduled hearing or trial or any deadline to meet. DO NOT WAIT ON US to act in your case.

Also include with your email documents and/or information about what is being alleged or claimed, even if you dispute those allegations and claims. It is important that you include information on scheduled hearings or deadlines to file, if any, and understand that our resources are limited, and we may or may not reply as we tend to other requests. Again, DO NOT WAIT ON US to act in your case. We recognize that it may be difficult for parents who are battling for their children, to be concise. Try to state facts and avoid using descriptive words that reflect your own conclusions (and not data/facts).

By emailing us, you are not creating an Attorney-Client Relationship. By submitting a request for legal assistance or legal advice or by contacting us, you acknowledge that the National Association of Parents, Inc. d/b/a ParentsUSATM does not represent you. While we look forward to learning about your situation as a parent, please understand that there is no guarantee that ParentsUSATM will review your submission or that, after review, you will be contacted in any manner or that we will agree to represent you. We cannot represent you until we know that in doing so, we will not create a conflict of interest or act in ways that do not serve our mission. We will not represent you only until after we determine that your case meets our criteria, and the terms of the engagement agreement between ParentsUSATM and you have been confirmed.

Although we hope you will make a donation and become a member, we represent members and non-members, and we do not charge for our services.

You may not represent to others that you are represented by ParentsUSATM until and unless we state so in writing. We cannot treat unsolicited information as confidential. However, to the extent permitted by law, we will treat what you submit as confidential and not release that information to any person other than the attorneys and staff reviewing your situation. If any effort is made to obtain information from us by use of legal process, such as a subpoena, we will vigorously resist disclosing any information. Indeed, internally, we will make reasonable efforts to mask identifying information, except when it is necessary to our review and decision-making process.

Please do not call us. We will not engage in phone conversations (other than to let you know we only consider requests for help by email) until after we have reviewed the information and documents provided by email and determined that your case is one that meets our criteria. If we talk on the phone, we are using resources that should be put toward reviewing email requests for help and toward helping parents and their children. We also seek to avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication by which you incorrectly believe that we have agreed to help and then fail to act timely to protect yourself and your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parental Rights Issues & Assistance

Can I make decisions about the care and upbringing of my child?

Yes, you can (or you should). The U.S. Supreme Court states that parents have the right to make decisions regarding the care and upbringing of their children, so long as their decisions do not cause physical or long-term emotional harm to their children.

When the state disagrees with parents' choices in regards to the care and upbringing of their children, parents can become subject to scrutiny. This potential infringement of parent's rights can lead to unnecessary harassment or even punishment of the parents. While you have the right to make choices for your children- if there is a “compelling governmental interest” ( i.e. an interest to protect children from harm or unreasonable risk of harm), the government can, unfortunately, infringe on your rights as a parent.

We parents are in for a battle to preserve the parent-child relationship. Your parenting choices can unfortunately be second-guessed and overridden by departments and divisions of government who hold power of the courts, agencies and law enforcement to intrude and interfere. Serving as a collective of parents in the USA, ParentsUSATM will use its collective power of parent members to push back, and protect your rights as a parent! 

What should I do if I fear my child will be taken away?

First, we understand the fear and concern you must have if you have some reason to believe you child could be taken from you.

Second, please contact a local attorney in your area (jurisdiction) or legal aid.

Third, send us an email following the directions on the Request Help page. But do not wait for our reply, because, as we note, we do not reply to every request for help and we do not intervene or participate in every case.

Fourth, be the very best parent you can for your children, and take care to protect them from harm.

Will my email, the documents I send, and any discussions we might have be confidential?

Yes, we recognize you will be concerned about confidentiality. Although an “attorney-client” relationship is not created by your email or our reply, if we reply, we will keep your information confidential (except if a court order or subpoena is served on us and, even then, we will fight to “quash” that subpoena)!

What can I do to get more involved in your organization?

Great! We must be doing something right for you to want to get involved! We are happy to hear this. As a parent, regardless of your age, gender, marital status, or number of children, we welcome your membership (free with your donation of $29 or more and you also get hundreds of dollars in discounts through entertainment® coupons on its free app) Please sign up for our newsletter by adding your email address to be on our email list. Check out our social media to learn more about us and the work we do.

The best thing you do to support us is to become a member and donate, and to tell every parent you know about us. Parents coming together with a collective voice through ParentsUSATM is a powerful force for parents and their children.

Another way you can help, without costing you a penny, is by doing all your Amazon shopping through AmazonSmile ( by using this link:  Your purchases will make it possible for the AmazonSmile Foundation to donate .0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the National Association of Parents.

General Inquiries & Membership

Is my donation tax-deductible?

First, we appreciate your donation, whether it is $1 or $1,000 or more, and whether it is one time or monthly!

With a donation of $29, you can become a member! We are a 501(c)(3) charity as recognized by the IRS, so, subject to its rules and regulations and as your tax advisor will guide you, your donations are tax-deductible.

What do I get for my donation and for becoming a member?

First of all, as a parent, you are joining the only entity in the USA that looks out for the rights of parents and the parent-child relationship. Becoming a member helps strengthen your rights as a parent, and helps protect the rights of parents across the USA. Our association also works to provide financial support for charities that work on behalf of children and their parents.  Through our collective economic power, we can secure discounts, benefits and other services for our member parents.

You also become a member of the PARENTS COMMUNITY! Enjoy benefits such as saving with your free entertainment® digital membership for 2-for-1. You will also have access to up to 50% discounts on dining, attractions, activities, shopping, services, travel and more using your free mobile app with over 500,000 opportunities to save in 10,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Your donation of $29 will go very far, creating savings for you where ever you go!

How long does my membership last? Does my membership auto-renew?

Membership, which comes free with your donation of $29 or more, lasts for one year (as does your free entertainment® digital membership). Your membership will auto-renew at the end of the year unless you notify us otherwise (we will send a renewal notice before renewal).

Does my donation and membership help other work ParentsUSATM is doing for parents and their children?


Too many efforts by charities are unfortunately underfunded and, therefore, are ineffective. There are needs of parents and their children that exist, other than legal issues about parent’s rights, that are not being addressed. Your donations, including those to secure membership in ParentsUSATM, will allow us to provide children’s hospitals with non-emergency transportation (“NEMT”) for underprivileged children who would otherwise not receive necessary healthcare. Your donations will also support the work done by All-Pro Dad®, iMom®, and Family First®, organizations that help parents love and lead their family well. Finally, your donations will contribute to the John Saunders Grant for Pediatric Cancer Research, through The V Foundation at the Dick Vitale Gala, beginning in 2020.

Our primary mission and focus will remain on the parent-child relationship and the rights of parents, as declared by and defined by the U. S. Supreme Court. But, collectively, parents in the USA can and should do more for other parents and their children. With your donation, this will be possible.

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