UPDATE: Amicus Curiae Brief filed January 4, 2024, in the U.S. Supreme Court. ParentsUSA is supporting John and Jane Parents 1; John Parent 2 in their Petition for Certiorari seeking elimination of the "Parental Preclusion Policy" of the Montgomery County (Md.) Board of Education that "requires school employees to hide from parents that their child is transitioning gender at school if, in the child’s or the school’s estimation, the parents will not be 'supportive' enough of the transition. Petitioner Parents claim this 'Parental Preclusion Policy' violates their fundamental rights to direct the care and upbringing of their children." Petition for Certiorari, No. 23-601. ParentsUSA agrees that no provider of services to children ever should hide any information from parents. Not schools, not sports leagues, not martial arts studios, not dance academies, not doctors or dentists. No one. No matter the topic or issue. If the claim is that information must be hidden from parents or parents must be told lies to protect a child, then the situation must be reported to law enforcement or child protective services where investigative powers and due process (presumably) will protect the child and the rights of the parents.

UPDATE: Currently pending in the Georgia Supreme Court, the appeal in Crary vs. Clautice, Case No. S24A0004. ParentsUSA represents the mother who is seeking, as was done successfully in the Idaho Supreme Court (recall, ParentsUSA submitted the only Amicus Curiae brief), to strike the Georgia Grandparent Visitation Statute as facially unconstitutional and unconstitutional as applied. *ParentsUSA went to court on behalf of this young mother and the Judge agreed with the arguments made and vacated and set aside the legally insufficient grandparent visitation order that had the grandmother having more time with the mother's child than did the mother! Although this mother is out from under the intrusive grandparent visitation order, she, with ParentsUSA doing the legal work pro bono, seeks to benefit other parents and children in Georgia by a ruling striking the Grandparent Visitation Statute as unconstitutional or, minimally, causing restrictions on the quality and sufficiency of the evidence trial courts must have before granting grandparent visitation.

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