Child Taken from Mother by State Authorities Without Court Order

Police took Hannah’s 11-year old daughter from her without a court order and turned the child over to her father who had relinquished custody in 2012 and even had a court order to stay away from the mother and the child. The mother’s attorney noted the strange circumstances of this case in which the state forcibly took a child from her mother only to give the child to a man (her father) whose parental rights had been legally terminated. The child ended up in foster care and the man (who is no longer legally her father) is not allowed visitation. Not a good situation for anyone, but a situation that was created by the abuse of state power.

This case illustrates why parents must have a strong ally on their side and why ParentsUSATM pushes to maintain as the law and also public policy the rights of parents as determined by our US Supreme Court. ParentsUSATM advocates and works to protect parental rights with your support and membership.

Learn more about Hannah’s story, view the article here >

Are you in against government deciding whether your child can get and doctors can provide certain healthcare without your knowledge or consent? If so, then become a member of ParentsUSATM so that we can keep healthcare decisions and authority in your hands and not be taken from you.

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