Front Door Busted Open; Not for Drugs: Arizona Child “Welfare” Case Creates Public Scrutiny

A family in Arizona became the subject of national attention after the Arizona Department of Child Safety took their children away. Police armed with guns had raided their house and broken open their front door because one of their children had a very high fever earlier in the day (which fever had subsided). While this child-welfare case itself has generated its share of contention, it’s how this case has been handled in the juvenile court and how the court has “gagged” media coverage that has created even further scrutiny.


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When those who have the power to take children from parents are insulated from scrutiny by the pubic, through the media, who really is being protected, the children or those who are or may be abusing or misusing their power? Help us ensure whatever happens is subject to public scrutiny so that we can call for changes that protect your children and you! Join today!



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