Where Do You Stand as a Parent in Regards to Your Children’s Education?

  As a parent, one of the principal areas of concern for you is the education of your children. You, of course want to ensure the best education possible for your children. In this country, in which the lines of parental rights and the state's can get a little blurry...
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Child Involuntarily Committed to Mental Health Center Without Consent by Her Parents or An Opportunity to Object! A Violation of Parents’ Rights? Maybe Not!

Six-year-old Nadia King was sent to a mental hospital without her mother’s consent and held for 48 hours after she allegedly threw tantrums at her kindergarten. According to the child’s mental heath counselor, she was “out of control and throwing a tantrum.” The Sheriff reported the girl had been “destroying...
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A parent’s worst nightmare

Your child, who receives treatment for a condition diagnosed by doctors at Tufts University Medical Center, is transported to Boston Children’s Hospital to receive medical treatment. Instead of receiving the medical treatment your daughter needs, she is denied that medical care and YOU are accused of medical child abuse only...
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Introducing Who We Are & Our Mission on the Growth Exponential Podcast

Recently, the Founder and Executive Director of ParentsUSATM, David DeLugas, was a guest on the Growth Exponential Podcast. It isn’t remarkable that he was interviewed as reporters and pundits seek out the views of ParentsUSATM. What is worthy of your listening to this podcast is the discussion that covers the...
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