A Social Worker’s Lies Result in Parents Losing Custody of Their Children

In Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, a social worker made false claims about a family, reporting that she witnessed various instances of neglect. Among her false claims she made, she lied that the mother tested positive for drugs and that she failed to comply with the terms of probation for an offense she had allegedly committed. These social worker’s lies resulted in the family losing custody of their four children. Now that her false claims have been uncovered, the family has been thankfully reunited with their children and the social worker is facing criminal felony charges, a possible prison sentence and is striking a plea bargain for perjury.

It is difficult enough for parents to navigate an environment in which the state oversteps its authority in breach of parents’ rights and the dynamic between parents and children is threatened. But when a government empowered professional, whose very responsibility is to report accurately on allegedly dangerous situations that could threaten a child’s welfare, commits perjury in court ꟷ it is even more apparent just how serious the challenges are that parents face. If the CPS professional, who so profoundly affects the fate of parents and their children, can’t be trusted, what are parents to do? When it comes to protecting parents’ rights and to preserving the parent-child relationship, ParentsUSATM recognizes the enormous battle that remains .

To learn more about the social worker’s false claims and the family that fell victim to her perjury, read the article at the link here >

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