300 Families (and Counting) Fall Victim to Wrongful Child Abuse Allegations

You’re a parent taking your child to the doctor for medical care. Genuinely concerned about the health of your child, you behave perfectly normally, determined that your child receive proper care. However, when your child is seen by doctors, medical professionals in whom you should have utmost trust, another doctor, not necessary to the care of your child, appears and wrongfully accuses you of medical child abuse. Next thing you know, in an instant, your child is taken away from you and you enter a traumatizing and agonizing battle, as you fight to get your kids back.

300 families (and counting) around the country have experienced this horrifying situation, a situation that has escalated into an epidemic. According to journalists who have covered various incidences of wrongful medical child abuse accusations, there is an identifiable pattern that these cases follow:

  • Parents behave in an appropriate manner attempting to receive medical care for their children.
  • An authority figure becomes suspicious for no apparent reason.
  • The police are notified and CPS take the kids from the parents (without a court order and without a hearing or opportunity for the parents to be heard) on the tenuous suspicion that the kids are being abused.
  • As if being separated from their own children isn’t heartbreaking and terrifying enough, the parents are then forced into an arduous and expensive court battle just to regain custody of their kids from foster care.

While there are valid concerns that exist that children die of abuse or neglect each year, journalists found that the claims “child abuse doctors” made were, in many cases, overstated or unreliable. These doctors would assert unlikely high probabilities of child abuse, offering terms such as “100 percent” when their suspicions could not be medically shown.

If children are in danger of abuse, then, of course, the state should become involved to remove the children to protect them from harm. However, the number of cases of wrongful and incorrect accusations of child abuse are increasing . . . to the harm of the children who are being victimized by thee “child abuse doctors.” Ironically, the very harm from which medical child abuse doctors claim they are saving these children becomes an abusive and traumatizing act by the separation from their parents and the intrusion and harm to the entire family.

To learn more about the social worker’s false claims and the family that fell victim to her perjury, read the article at the link here >

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