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As an attorney, I can attest to the importance of the National Association of Parents. When taking an appeal to a state supreme court, ParentsUSATM authored a superb amicus brief in support of my client’s arguments, continually advocating for the law to be shaped with a focus on the parent-child relationship. Too often, in the cross-fire of facts between parents, courts and litigants can lose sight of the law. Specifically, the focus turns to what the parents are advocating for and the children’s fundamental rights to unfettered access to and relationships with both parents can be overlooked. ParentsUSATM plays a critical role in shaping domestic relations laws and advocating for the parent-child relationship.

Amy McDougal

I never thought I would see the day my wife would be arrested for anything, much less for doing the right thing, choosing to keep our sick child out of school. The whole ordeal made us both feel helpless like everything turned upside down. Thankfully, ParentsUSATM saw our story and helped us right away. I appreciate everything the National Association For Parents, Inc. did for my wife, Julie, and for our whole family. We have the right to raise our children in the matter we see fit to raise them in (of course, as long as not hurting them). Parents are being wronged time and time again in society, but ParentsUSATM refuses to give up on fighting the good fight.
Keith & Julie

From my experience, the National Association of Parents is responsive and defiantly on-board to fight the fights that make the difference for parents and their children. I am grateful to this organization for the support they have shown my children and me.
Frank G
Monroe, NY

I don't know what I would have done without the National Association of Parents. Their expertise, background, and wealth of knowledge pertaining to cases involving government authorities overstepping boundaries was a breath of fresh air in an incredibly troubling time.
Lydia S.
Springfield, MA


We are the National Association of Parents, Inc., the collective voice of parents in the USA! We strive to preserve and support the parent-child relationship, and the right of parents to make decisions, so long as the child is not harmed (as the U. S. Supreme Court has proclaimed). Through strategic litigation, education, and lobbying, we work to shape public policy in support of parental rights. Using the collective power of our parent members, ParentsUSA™ flexes its political and economic clout to achieve these goals and, in addition, to fund pediatric cancer research and to support parents and children coping with serious medical issues and facing other difficult situations. Your membership also helps us secure discounts and benefits for our parent members starting with entertainment® savings included with your membership!

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    Collectively, parents in the USA have political and economic clout. Through ParentsUSATM, we will work to lift up parents and their children by supporting pediatric cancer research, as well as help parents and their children coping with serious medical issues.

Featured Article

Where Do You Stand as a Parent in Regards to Your Children’s Education?

Child being Home Schooled


As a parent, one of the principal areas of concern for you is the education of your children. You, of course want to ensure the best education possible for your children. In this country, in which the lines of parental rights and the state's can get a little blurry at times, it is crucial to understand where you stand as a parent regarding your children's education. And we know you have many questions. So we gathered some of the most commonly asked questions parents had in respect to their children's education and we asked David DeLugas, founder of  ParentsUSATM  to sit down with us to answer them.


1) I don’t live in a good public school district and I would rather my child not attend the public school. If I don’t have the funds to send my child to a private school, do I have the right to send my child to a neighboring town’s public school? 

The answer to this question is contingent upon the laws in your state. While there are a few states nationwide that do offer such an option, most unfortunately do not. These restrictions are due to property values, funding for school districts, the influence of public school educators and lobbyists, and others who prioritize their interests over providing the best education for students across each state. Some states are working toward providing "vouchers" which will permit parents to enroll their child in private school. 

An important takeaway for this question is that this issue is not within the Constitutional rights of parents. Why is this? Given that parents are free to choose where they and their children live (there are limitations however, often due to a parent's financial circumstances), parents have control over which school district their child will end up attending school in. Parents can also change school districts if they move their family to another state for example, due to a change of job, or simply to move to another area of town with a school district that is more preferable. 

2) If I want to homeschool my child, does the state have the right to dictate the curriculum? 

The right to dictate? The word "right" is wrong here. The power, yes – the right, no. Until parents collectively have the clout and power to challenge the states' imposition of the curriculum and other terms and conditions for homeschooling, the state will be able to mandate what its bureaucrats decide. These bureaucrats are influenced by the educators (teacher's unions) and lobbyists who discourage homeschooling due to the fact that federal and state money funds schools based on the attendance of children. What you should know is that the right for you to homeschool your child at all, (not the curriculum you teach) is protected. The state uses the curriculum a home-schooled child is taught as a measure to gauge that child's attendance, to enable the school district to still receive funding on behalf of that child. Therefore, the curriculum a home-schooled child is taught as well as the house spent homeschooling are regulated by the state. 

 ParentsUSATM considers “mandatory attendance laws” as unconstitutional. Why? Arguably, a state has a “compelling governmental interest” in ensuring its citizens obtain a certain level of education. Note though that the mandatory attendance laws are CRIMINAL statutes. Excessive absences that are "unexcused" or that a parent has not been able to justify are considered a violation of these attendance laws. There is NO state law mandating that a child become minimally educated. ParentsUSATM has provided pro bono legal defense for parents charged with the criminal statute and aims to challenge the constitutionality of such a statute.

To-date, the parents we have represented for violation of attendance laws end up pleading no-contest or guilty in a plea deal with a small fine and no jail time or probation rather than going to trial and appealing a conviction. ParentsUSATM also has drafted statutory revisions that would require school districts to accept any verified note from a parent as an “excused” absence so long as the child (student) has achieved an objective academic criteria the school district has established (such as a C or C+ or numerical equivalent) to ensure the claimed “compelling governmental interest” has been satisfied. To influence legislators and governors to enact such revisions requires substantial resources, voters and funds, because so-called educators work diligently to oppose such changes. The issue all goes back to money. 

3) If I homeschool my child, can he/she still attend after-school activities (sports, band, clubs, proms) at the public school in my town since I pay taxes to this town? 

The right to participate in activities is not a constitutional right of parents (or taxpayers). However, such permission or right can be attained through legislation. For example, Former U of Florida, Heisman-winning quarterback, Tim Tebow was homeschooled, but was able to play football at the public school nearby. The laws in his state permitted him to do so. Some states allow it. Others do not.

4) If my child misses more than the amount of school days permitted by the school district, can the school hold my child back a grade or force him/her to make up the time?  Are there repercussions? 

There are consequences or repercussions to any violation of a school rule or policy. When enrolling your child, you are agreeing to abide by those rules and policies. Of course, a more sensible rule or policy would make academic achievement alone the criteria to determine whether a child can advance to the next grade. Alas, that is a more logical consideration and government unfortunately, unless pushed, forced, or influenced, will fail to act in the reasonable ways that also serve the interests of freedom and liberty of parents and their children.

Collectively as parents, we can make a difference if we join together as a united front. Then we will have the clout and influence to exercise our voice to impact legislation on behalf of parents and their children. Join today for a better tomorrow.


When you join and become a member of the National Association of Parents, you become part of the most significant, collective community of parents in the USA. Together, parents have a powerful voice to push back against the State’s infringement on the rights of parents – rights as protected by the U.S. Supreme Court and Constitution. The collective voice of our community of parents must be heard and through ParentsUSATM, your voice will be heard. Join and become a member of ParentsUSATM today to support our efforts on behalf of your children and you!

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