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As an attorney, I can attest to the importance of the National Association of Parents. When taking an appeal to a state supreme court, ParentsUSATM authored a superb amicus brief in support of my client’s arguments, continually advocating for the law to be shaped with a focus on the parent-child relationship. Too often, in the cross-fire of facts between parents, courts and litigants can lose sight of the law. Specifically, the focus turns to what the parents are advocating for and the children’s fundamental rights to unfettered access to and relationships with both parents can be overlooked. ParentsUSATM plays a critical role in shaping domestic relations laws and advocating for the parent-child relationship.

Amy McDougal

I never thought I would see the day my wife would be arrested for anything, much less for doing the right thing, choosing to keep our sick child out of school. The whole ordeal made us both feel helpless like everything turned upside down. Thankfully, ParentsUSATM saw our story and helped us right away. I appreciate everything the National Association For Parents, Inc. did for my wife, Julie, and for our whole family. We have the right to raise our children in the matter we see fit to raise them in (of course, as long as not hurting them). Parents are being wronged time and time again in society, but ParentsUSATM refuses to give up on fighting the good fight.
Keith & Julie

From my experience, the National Association of Parents is responsive and defiantly on-board to fight the fights that make the difference for parents and their children. I am grateful to this organization for the support they have shown my children and me.
Frank G
Monroe, NY

I don't know what I would have done without the National Association of Parents. Their expertise, background, and wealth of knowledge pertaining to cases involving government authorities overstepping boundaries was a breath of fresh air in an incredibly troubling time.
Lydia S.
Springfield, MA


We are the National Association of Parents, Inc., the collective voice of parents in the USA! We strive to preserve and support the parent-child relationship, and the right of parents to make decisions, so long as the child is not harmed (as the U. S. Supreme Court has proclaimed). Through strategic litigation, education, and lobbying, we work to shape public policy in support of parental rights. Using the collective power of our parent members, ParentsUSA™ flexes its political and economic clout to achieve these goals and, in addition, to fund pediatric cancer research and to support parents and children coping with serious medical issues and facing other difficult situations. Your membership also helps us secure discounts and benefits for our parent members starting with entertainment® savings included with your membership!

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    You become a valued member of our community of like-minded parents, those who are passionate and determined to preserve your natural rights as parents, as protected by the U. S. Constitution,  to raise your children as you decide, so as long as they are not harmed. 

  • HELP Other Parents and Children

    Collectively, parents in the USA have political and economic clout. Through ParentsUSATM, we will work to lift up parents and their children by supporting pediatric cancer research, as well as help parents and their children coping with serious medical issues.

Featured Article

Child Involuntarily Committed to Mental Health Center Without Consent by Her Parents or An Opportunity to Object! A Violation of Parents’ Rights? Maybe Not!

Six-year-old Nadia King was sent to a mental hospital without her mother’s consent and held for 48 hours after she allegedly threw tantrums at her kindergarten. According to the child’s mental heath counselor, she was “out of control and throwing a tantrum.” The Sheriff reported the girl had been “destroying school property, attacking staff and running out of the school,” although she apparently was “pleasant” and “cooperative” on the way to the mental hospital.

The school called the girl’s mother to inform her that her daughter would be held at the mental hospital – and according to Florida’s Baker Act, a law that allows the “involuntary commitment of people who are judged to be an imminent danger to themselves or others” – the school was able to commit her against her mother’s wishes and without advance notice and an opportunity to object and have any hearing before a judge. The young girl was taken to River Point Behavioral Health, an 84 -bed mental hospital that treats patients of all ages for a variety of issues including emotional, developmental, behavioral and substance abuse. When the child’s mother arrived at the center, she was not allowed to see her daughter until hours later that evening and, when she did, her daughter was sedated and in an isolated room.  Her mother was furious that her child had been removed from her school and sent to the center and sedated without her consent.

Outraged? A violation of parent’s rights? Of course, as a parent reading this, you cannot fathom how you’d feel if your child was involuntarily committed and sedated without your consent or your advance notice and the opportunity to object. But, hard as it is to believe, this is not a violation of your rights as a parent, because, when state or federal legislators enact laws such as Florida’s “Baker Act” empowering certain individuals with power and authority to act, purportedly, to protect people, that power and authority is almost universally upheld in the courts. (Using the same logic as why seat belt laws are not a violation of your right to do as you want.)

Simply being outraged and talking about it or assuming this will never happen to your child and you or to any friend or family of yours won’t change the incredible power of the state (all states) and the Federal government to take your child away, administer medications, powerful medications, without your consent without, at least, an opportunity to object and have an impartial judge decide what is to be done. The states and the Federal government have incredible power and authority that they give . . . to themselves! How can you change the laws? Ensure your role and your rights as a parent are balanced with the rights of society (through the government)?

Outraged? Shouting “Parents’ Rights!” Protesting? Petitions? Change nothing. What will make a difference in the lives of children and their parents? Becoming powerful and speaking with and through the collective voice of parents in the USA so that laws such as this one, policies such as what was followed here, will be changed. Until then, getting red in the face angry, being upset and yelling, and forming an online social media group to “protest” such treatment will not make a difference when the media has a very short attention span, our society, as a whole, thinks there are “bigger fish to fry” in which we all are busy with our day to day lives, and legislators and other government officials do as they want knowing they will get reelected.

This involuntary mental health commitment without parental consent (or advance notice) is due to legislation. See this link to the Florida Mental Health Act. To change legislation, money and voters are necessary to affect legislation (repeal, revision, enactment).

Should the law be rewritten? Yes, absolutely!

To get the attention of state legislators, the powerful people in the Governor’s office in every state and the leaders of each legislative body, requires influence, voters and “resources.” As individuals, we are all powerless. Look around the USA and ask yourself which organizations and groups of people are able to influence what laws are enacted, repealed or revised? You know which ones do. We don’t need to name them here. Correct, only the very large and powerful! They get their power through their members!

To make a difference in the laws and policies that affect your child and you, add your voice to that of other parents by becoming a parent-member of ParentsUSATM for only $29 per year (and, in return, also get discounts worth hundreds of dollars)! By joining with parents from all over the USA, you will have the power to change laws and policies that, until changed, will permit such an outrageous series of events as Nadia King and her mother endured!

Read more about what happened to young Nadia King here. To add your voice to the voice of other parents, join here.


When you join and become a member of the National Association of Parents, you become part of the most significant, collective community of parents in the USA. Together, parents have a powerful voice to push back against the State’s infringement on the rights of parents – rights as protected by the U.S. Supreme Court and Constitution. The collective voice of our community of parents must be heard and through ParentsUSATM, your voice will be heard. Join and become a member of ParentsUSATM today to support our efforts on behalf of your children and you!

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